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C II Garniers Map Installer 1.0
18/September/2009, 0:00 AM
*[HWK]Garnier's C II Map Installer tool*

Function: Installs a md3 map from anywhere on your computer to be played. It does not create an installer.exe file but it's a great tool for testing the map. It generates a text file with description, attaches an image to the map and puts it in the right place without having to manually edit the related file's needed to get a map working.

Usage: Put the .ini file in your Cossacks\(Run)\Data directory and fire up the tool.



Credits : [HWK]Garnier @ www.mastersofthefield.com

Category: C2 Map Tools | Added by: EbelAngel | Tags: map installer, C2
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6 PETERSON   [Entry]
as I use this tool?

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5 PETERSON   [Entry]
Hola me gustaria saber como puedo hacer una vista previa con mi mapa que intentado tanto con este Programa 51_CIIHWKGarniersM   y no me Funciona los Textos me colocan Todos Pero el mapa no lo crea

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4 bane   [Entry]
how does it work? have downloaded and then the quickzip appears and nothing happens. When i extract it says that it cannot find singlemiss.txt. Help!

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3 Hendrik   [Entry]
Thank you!

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2 Cichor   [Entry]
You should install for example 7zip. I used it and all is correct.

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1 Hendrik   [Entry]
I can't open this .rar file.

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