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Cossacks2 MapScreenshotBuilder 1.0.9
01/October/2016, 10:26 AM

Cossacks2MapScreenshotBuilder is a little utility
for join last BMP Screenshots (located in /Data directory)
generated after pressing H key in C2 editor in 2D mode (F10)

_ Screen Resolution (1024x600 to 1920x1080)
_ Battle or Skirmish Map
_ Zoom mode (F7)
_ BMP Count located in /Data directory

Easy to use with 2 Hotkeys :

Press "PRINTSCREEN" for start the building of whole Map jpeg Screenshot.
Once done it will be open in Microsoft Picture Viewer and saved on your desktop.

Press "END" for Exit program.

In case you have Cossacks2 NW and BFE installed and none are running,
program will ask you to select between them.
There is no GUI(Graphical User Interface) visible, but only Tray Icon if set to be visible
in your System Tray Settings.

Tested under Win7 and Win8.1

Edit 1 : The executable can be placed anywhere.

Edit 2 : Not tried with Steam Versions

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