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ExTerrain Editor Unlocker 1.0
19/October/2009, 5:25 PM
Here is the file that is required inorder to make the Map Layer Editor Visible in
Both Cossacks Napoleonic Wars and Battle for Europe. This Disables the "White Cover"
seen when opening the Ex-terrain (XML Terrain Editor of C2 engine). Finally,
You can see what you are gonna draw! Have Fun :)

- Flame Master
- Courtesy GSC Game World
[No Copyrights Violation Intended, just trying to help people :-) ]

The File goes in
-For NW: Data\
-For BFE: Run\Data\
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2 EbelAngel  
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I can tell it will rank very high. biggrin


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3 Flame_Master  
Hey, I believe he meant I am no 1 wink .

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4 EbelAngel  
ROFLZORLMAO, go to bed you ;-)

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1 Lakis  
great tool

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