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C3: New Terrain Mod
[ · Download from mirror () ] 21/October/2019, 8:04 AM

This mod aims to bring more variety in random map generation by adding new options and objects.

Current Mod version: (439 MB) Game Version: (Non Steam Version- for GOG users)


1.) [Added to the base Game] New landscape options : Lakes, Rivers and coastal. (360+ map masks.)
2.) New seasons options: Spring and Autumn.
3.) New foreststype option: Countryside (rural with farms), Taiga (default), Black forest (Dense forest), temperate forest (new trees mix).
4.) New harvestable treetypes : Willow, Oak, Beech, Birch, Cypress, Olive, Poplar, Maple, Oak bushes,...
5.) New flowers and decoration types: cabbage, cornflower, thistle, caluna, editor buildings (rubbled houses, farmsteads, graves).
6.) New map textures (summer, winter, autumn, spring)
7.) New peace time options: 5 & [Added to the base Game] 15 minutes.
8.) New mapsize options (Medium & Very large): current options now are : tiny (256), normal(320), medium (400), large (480), very large (560), huge (640)
9.) New warship options: with or without warships or transports only
10.) [Added to the base Game] New additional start options: 17th century barracks, log Cabins, a village and union of nations.
11.) New resource start options: 10000, 50000, 100000 and 500000.
12.) [Added to the base Game] New diplomatic option: Expensive mercenaries, costing 3 times as much as normal.
13.) New patterns for more landscape variety (200+)
14.) Animated trees. They appear to be moving with the wind.
15.) Animals: wild animals, farm animals and flying birds making the maps more lively.
16.) All new options are localized in the various available languages.

17.) Added a small amount of gold to following additional start option : cannons, towers and cannons & howitzers to cover for the initial maintenance cost.
18.) On 18th century barracks start option: one fewer Log Cabin (4 -> 3) for Ukraine, one fewer 17th barracks for Ukraine (5 -> 4), Algeria and Turkey (4 -> 3) to not cause issues on small islands maps, where some of these buildings might spawn in water.)
19.) 2 extra towers for the 'towers' start option, Ukraine gets 2 Log Cabins (previously they would get nothing).
20.) Lowered the number of peasants Turkey/Algeria get on start option 'Army of Peasants', they previously would get many more than any other nation.
21.) Changed the winter textures to be darker, as opposed to being blinded by the current snow textures.
22.) Moved the desert landscape option from seasons to landscape.
23.) Various changes to terrain generation, eg: landscape type 'plain' now is plain and no longer has hills generating on them. Hills generate hills and not plateaus/mountains, etc...

Install: Unzip the .rar file and place the /data/ mod folder in the /data/mods/  game folder. Run Mod Manager and ensure the mod is activated.


Thanks to:

Special thanks to following people for checking some of the translations:

[KGR]-^K[o]K^- - Czech
[GDF]Warren - Polish
Francesco_Cavalli - Italian
Foeurdr - French
Carlos - Spanish
Mark Kandaurov - Ukrainian
Mark Kandaurov - Russian
[1453]Atabey - Turkish
Anderstein - German

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