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Citadel - C1:EW
01/June/2010, 3:40 PM
Citadel - C1:EW, a map for Cossacks European Wars.
Remember! Most of maps for C: EW and C:TAoW will be works on C: BtW!! But vice versa... is only little chance for that.
Thanks to Agrid we know that maps work well in 1.37 Imperia Mod. I try several of it with my friends in 17th c HH Mod and work too.

From Readme.txt:
Citadel ReadMe.
Recommended that you play this scenario on Very hard setting. The first thing you have to do when you have loaded this scenario is to change to the computers side (number pad, with Num. Lock on) and open one of the gates on the outside wall of the citadel. The computer hasn’t quite got the hang of gates. This will allow them to send troops up to challenge your forces placed behind the mountain range. You should also hold a position at the passes for about 20-40 mins to allow the computer to churn out enough peasants and soldiers. There are a number of soldiers formed up inside the citadel but they will not leave the enclosure, and will remain there on guard duty.
That’s it hope you have fun.

Author: [NMA]EskinderUK.
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