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EW & TAOW Campaigns for BTW ( English )
12/January/2010, 9:27 PM
Cossacks I: European Wars & The Art of War Campaigns for Back To War ( English)
Credits: Stalker1979
Category: C1 Campaign | Added by: EbelAngel
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16 Ienzo   [Entry]
Mirror fixed. 
Mirror provided by Bargergo. Thanks.

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14 AM   [Entry]
Hi i want to play this campaigns but the the download link doesn't seem to work anymore please fix it again if you want !!!


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13 Ste4mPunk   [Entry]
File Not Found ? sad

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12 mipmipmip   [Entry]
I think the file is broken. I already downloaded it, but when i tried to install, it says:

"Missions\France\missfr01.rar:this file contains invalid data. (error 11fd)"

How's that suppose to happen?
Help me please... sad sad cry

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15 Ienzo   [Entry]
Probably it did not download completely

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10 Dev677   [Entry]
This is english version, isn't it? How can I change dialogues to Polish? I know I have to use GSC Utilities, but I don't know which files I have to change...

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11 EbelAngel   [Entry]
It is the English version indeed. Changing to Polish can be done by translating the text (.txt) files.

Use Universal Extractor (google it)to unpack the campaign.exe to gain access to the text files before installing the campaign pack.

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9 Ivo   [Entry]
Thank you guys for fixing it smile

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8 Cichor   [Entry]
Fixed. And it would be nice if someone will write simple thx. ;]

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7 Ivo   [Entry]
yes the link is again broken , fix it

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6 RobDon   [Entry]
link is broken , please fix , I really wanna play old campaigns

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5 Ivo   [Entry]
Thank you so much Cichor smile

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