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Fjellknausoey 2 - C1: BTW 1.35
04/September/2010, 11:35 PM
Here I put multiplayer map Fjellknausoey 2 for 4 players. Resources: 5000, Peace time: 0 min.
Map for 100% will work with TAoW and EW (because Fjellknausoey 2 is originally was maked to C1:EW :)). Map is like in name, second one in series of four maps available to download on http://cossacksworld.ucoz.co.uk/ (all done for C:EW ad will be work with C:TAoW and C:BtW).
Remember! Most of maps for C: EW and C:TAoW will be works on C: BtW!! But vice versa... is only little chance for that.
Thanks to Agrid we know that maps work well in 1.37 Imperia Mod. I try several of it with my friends in 17th c HH Mod and work too.

In my opinion very good map with nice graph.

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Author: Renatus
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