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Fort Saint Jean - Historical Battle
02/November/2010, 8:22 PM
Fort Saint Jean - battle to Cossacks: The Art of War with mod1.

Fort Saint Jean - battle to Cossacks: The Art of War with mod1.

From Author:
The year is 1636. You are in charge of a small detachment of Spanish, Austrian, and Saxon soldiers, charged to take the (fictitious) fort of Saint Jean in northeastern France. Expect strong -- and intelligent -- resistance from the French defenders.

Features include:

- An earthwork fort
- Special Engineer units
- Dedicated gun crews
- Morale
- And more!

Found on:


Author: MarionVanGhent


The Battle of Fort Saint Jean v. 1.1
(c) 2002 Marion Edwards

1. Intro and Requirements

Thank you for downloading "The Battle of Fort Saint Jean," a mission for Cossacks: The Art of War (CAoW).  To enjoy this single-player mission you will need the following:

- A computer capable of playing CAoW
- Legal copies of Cossacks: European Wars and CAoW installed on your machine
- The Mod1 expansion installed on your machine
- A little bit of tactical sense and time to play!

2. Installation Notes

Installation is easy.  Simply open up "Fort Saint Jean.exe" and follow the instructions!

When setup is finished, your folders should look something like this:
\Cossacks - The Art of War
     \User Missions

Once you have all the files in all the right places, boot up CAoW.  Be sure to start the game using Mod1!

Select Single Player, Single Mission and scroll down until you find "The Battle of Fort Saint Jean."  Select, start, and enjoy!

3. Gameplay Notes

The Battle of Fort Saint Jean is loosely based on historical events of circa 1636, when Spain took the offensive in northern France.  Your task is to capture the (fictitious) fort of St. Jean using your army comprised of Spanish, Austrian, and Saxon soldiers.  The game is NOT your standard Cossacks mission, however!  Why?

- Gun crews are assigned and dedicated to your artillery pieces.  Lose your crews, lose your cannons.
- Morale is a factor.  Suffer too many losses and your men will retreat!  (You -- represented by a Moldavian rider -- can rally them from a safe position if this happens.)
- Sections of Fort Saint Jean's walls are earthwork... indestructable... and manned.
- 10 special Engineers are available to help destroy vulnerable sections of the fort's defenses (i.e. the gates).  These units are represented by Spanish 18th Century Officers.
- The enemy will react differently to different situations.  Try different tactics and difficulty levels, and see what happens!

4. Contact Info

To report bugs or receive LIMITED technical support, check out the Cossacks Academy:


...or write me at: maidmarion@anime-genesis.com

5. Disclaimer

This mission is provided as-is.  No warranty is implied or offered and the author cannot assume responsibility for any tampering of files which may occur in transit.  The user alone is liable for any damages incurred by this software to his or her computer, mental health, and/or relationships.  Play at your own risk :)
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