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France and England - C1:EW
02/November/2010, 7:14 PM
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England in the defense across the river from the Northern French Army must defend against Invasion force. English have good defensive positions but must withstand the larger French Army as it has access to four bridges. There is an English garrison with Saxony grenadiers and plenty of Highlanders. Artillery will win the day for either side as it is necessary to either repel the enemy and counterattack or slug it out after a time of build up. Resources are going to be a challenge as it makes the assault that much more urgent. Each side is given peasants and enough resources to last a while but not indefinitely so it is wise to make a move early and or make sure that the economy is working. I recommend a 5 min pt to assess where everything is since the defenses and placement of buildings needs to be noted so the balloon can be upgraded and the 18c troops can roll out of their barracks for each side.

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This is a multi-player scenario meant to be played over and over. The scenario dictates that France move to secure the bridges and the outer wall of the English city. The French have Algerian allies and have two Algerian barracks to provide new troops in light of the heavy casualties the French will endure in the assault. If the French fail to take the bridges the English garrison may counter attack and strike the knock out blow. There are many ways to fight this. England has one Saxony 18c barracks and a contingent of Saxonian Grenadiers. The matchup has been balanced and should be competitive. Resources are a consideration seeing as they are not in the millions so it is a necessity of both sides to occupy all available mines and take to the extraction of stone and wood. Artillery development is key as well in addition to the academy buildings for both Nations. Upgrades are necessary as well.

This is by no means a historical setting, but keeping in mind that Algeria would later become a colony of France I felt it was fitting that they provide the auxillary troops in the attack. Colonial powers usually made use of colonial conscripts rather than their own troops in the event where heavy casualties were expected and there was possibly a chance that reinforcements from the mother country might take longer to get there in relief of the main force.

The English begin with fewer forces because they are in the defense and they have canon towers. The French have 3975 troops. I recommend not using the ctrl + a to grab all your troops as it may crash your system. Just some advice :}

Enjoy and please give any feed back

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