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French and Indian - C1:BtW
10/October/2010, 2:56 PM
French and Indian, map to Cossacks: Back to War.

Found on:

Author: unknown

From Readme.txt:

"Unloading a Mission File
It is best if you have unloaded the files into the Cossacks folder directly. 
1. If not, use Windows Explorer to transfer the .m3d file into your Cossacks folder, in the same place where you find your dmcr.exe file.
2. In the Cossacks folder you will find a UserMissions folder.  Transfer the .add file into the UserMissions folder.
3. While you are in the UserMissions folder, right click on the right-hand panel, where your .add file is.  Create a new folder by using New > Folder.  Name it the same name as your .m3d or .add file (without the suffix.)
4. Open the new folder.  Transfer all the rest of the files (.bmp, .txt, .cms, dsc, .str) into it.
5. Start up Cossacks.  You should find the new scenario under Missions.  Set your difficulty setting and play it."

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5 manmag  
i try but nothing happend... when clik the mission ,game pauses
a signe pops out ..."could not load picture"

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4 Cichor  
My suggestion is to run it on BtW 1.35.

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3 manmag  
BTW 1.37 imperial english version ...tnx

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2 Cichor  
Write your version of game, otherwise I cannot help you. ;/

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1 manmag  
i cant play this mission... take me out from the game

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