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Gettysburg - Historical Battle
06/October/2010, 1:40 PM
Gettysburg, a battle for Cossacks: European Wars.

From Readme.txt:

1-3 July 1863

Confederate vs Union

This is my interpretation of the battle of GettysBurg

I have placed the troops in basically somewhere between 2/3 July.

I have chosen Saxon 18th musketeers as "A" class, French Chasseurs as "B" class, and French 18th Musketeers as
"C" Class.

I chose Saxon Guard Cavalry (they are tough and look the most like civil war cav in my view).
I chose 17th Dragoons for the same reason.

The 18th century upgrade is a pain, because of all the buildings needed. I chose not to put the extra buildings on the map, you can either
play without the ballon or delete some troops and the buildings. 

Have fun. "

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