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GP Regenerator 1.0
11/November/2011, 1:09 PM

Cossacks I / American Conquest .GP Regenerator.

This tool can batch fix extracted .gp files to restore the national colour and alpha channel.

Install instructions:

Run the Setup.exe file to install.
On newer computers ( Vista, Windows 7) it is possible that will ask you to install netframework version 1.1.4322.
This version is included in the rar. Run dotnetfx.exe to install and then run the setup.exe again



Special thanks to [TFN]SilverSurfer for finding this long lost tool back.

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2 deli_huseyin  
plss someone upload it

3 EbelAngel  
Late as usual, fixed broken link.
Next time post in forums , I don't always read every comment.

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1 deli_huseyin  
can someone upload that program in different page. game front and related pages dont work for me for months

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