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La Legion Etrangere-Tunisia - C1:EW
02/November/2010, 9:18 PM
La Legion Etrangere-Tunisia is map only for Cossacks: European Wars!

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Author: Machedon


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La Legion Etrangere-Tunisia
I created this mission by using the EW unoficial mission editor, of which i learned of it`s existence trough this site.Unfortunately, this mission editor has no triggers,but i succseded by other means in making the mission interesting at least for me.The scenario is fictional, altough it has some historical background.

Coast of North Africa, somewhere in the 19th century:
Letter to commander of the french fort of the island of Djerba (you): "For a long time, local people from Bizerte have complained about the actions of the Ain Behibak berber tribe union, which acts as local robbers and terrorises both the locals as well as our troops.The main headquarters of this troops is located in the Sahara Desert, in the fortified city of Lakith, located into an oasis, to the south-west.Recently, we heard rumours, that this clan want`s to lead a battle to earn independence.Scouts report that a large army of bedouins is heading towards Bizerte, and will reach the city in a short time.You should transport troops from Djerba island to Bizerte whith the ferry, under the protection of the french fleet, in order to stop the bedouins and conquer the city of Lakith.remember, officer: you are in foreign lands, no french cvilians are available !"

Hints: -you have no french peasants available.
-you can make 18 ct french infantry, but no cavalry.
-you can use local soldiers.
-you will find the cityes already built,whith some walls so you will not have to build them like in normal random map.
-i made the mountains really look like if they are true
-Bizerte looks like an arab city, not like a frenc one.
-unfortunately, it exists one: the enemy troops ussually get stucked in theyr city because of theyr walls.I buitl one gate, but it seems it is not enough.When you forst play the mission, use the izmena cheat, press numpad 2, and built some aditional gates to the enemy city.
Please don`t be too harsh whith me, it is the second mision i make.The next one will be whith Abd El Kader, in Algeria.Have fun !
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