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MD Editing Tool
12/May/2010, 11:59 PM
This tool allows to set block points, build points, fire & smoke points for the Cossacks I / American Conquest / Cossacks 2 MD Files.

Thanks to Gexozoid for finding back this tool.
Copyright: GSC Gameworld 2001.

Category: Mod Tools | Added by: EbelAngel
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9 寒青  
When I click these two buttons,export String and import String, it's invalid. Anybody know why? Does this have anything to do with the operating system? I'm using Windows 10.

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7 deli_huseyin  
let me give you an example.
with this tool I made some fire and smoke points like that


but in md file its like that
SMOKE 3 281 224 193 195 359 181
and I ve make that xy line(programs coordinates like 12A 114 141 116 141 117 0EE 14C
I know I should type some numbers for A E and C so I cant understand what number equalls to A or E or C biggrin

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8 EbelAngel  
It's because you are reading the .iif file you have saved.
What you should do is, set up the points, then click export string and then go to a text file or md file and press control +v ( paste).
It will paste in proper x and Y coordinates (or block points, depending on the option chosen)

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6 [hwk]poppen  
ahh yes. this tool is usefull if u know how ti use it. what u do is. select the blocks for whatever u want. and go to the MD, and write the block numbers down beside the entery and then the number of blocks

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5 deli_huseyin  
what is export and import string for..IM using this tool but still I cant modify building points..I need a huge tutorial about it..

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4 Ienzo  
Oh wow! I'll use this for my upcoming mod! smile

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3 Cichor  

Thanks a lot for explain to me, Angel wink

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1 Cichor  
If I good understand, by this tool I can for example: add to pikmen possibility to fire by muskets with smoke?

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2 EbelAngel  
No Cichor, this is for buildings. To add block points, build points, smoke & fire points, exit points. This tool is there because no human can manually configure these points without going mad. Fire up an md off a building and you will see sometimes a couple of hundred of these points in pairs. Have a look at this page to the build & lock points: http://cossacksworld.ucoz.co.uk/index/0-36
Adding "fire by muskets" to a pikemen is impossible, because that is an animation.Well, not impossible, but you need the original models to do that and render the frames again to create such a fire animation.

Ofcourse, you can add 'fire points' to a unit, meaning if you kill the unit it will start going on fire, but I dont think that is realistic, nor smoke coming out off a unit happy

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