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Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign - C1:EW
02/November/2010, 7:19 PM
From http://cossacks.heavengames.com/

This is Napoleon's battle against the Mamelukes before he moved into Cairo. The battle is huge and France has no reinforcements. The scenario has the option for a third player. Be sure to read the included instructions when unzipped.

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Author: orion595


Installation instructions: Unzip and extract the .m3d file to the Cossacks folder under program files in your c: drive. Go to multiplayer enter and choose design map in the multiplayer console then scroll down to EgyptianCampaign3.0.m3d. Remember the other person must have the same scenario in order to play. Same goes for the optional third person.

The Egyptian Campaign of Napoleon 1798

The scenario presents Napoleon’s defeat of the Mamelukes that represented the fiercest warriors in the Middle East at the time. Armed with long rifle, pistols (both not used in the game!), long spears and jeweled daggers these warriors rode fearlessly into battle. The might of European military tactics, most notable the unassailable square that Napoleon used in his decisive victory against the Mamelukes seen here in this scenario. Troop amounts are disproportionate for the sake of the battle historians have given it in the texts describing Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt and his subsequent battles fending off Turkish reinforcements and Arabic attempts to eradicate the French infidels from the land. See if you cannot turn history on its ear and bring the Mamelukes victory and stop Napoleon’s advance on Cairo (across the Nile in the game).

Note: For the French to win it is essential to maintain the integrity of the square formations and effectively route the Mameluke horde. In the actual battle Napoleon outnumbered the Mamemlukes by several thousand troops but the imposing sight of 1500 Mamelukes waiting for the charge is something to watch. France should use their cannons and make sure that they have enough troops to take Cairo and complete Napoleon’s goal of establishing a blockade of the Suez Canal. Also if need be there is an option for a third player to sit in, the color is orange and can produce Turkish Jannisaries…that would add to some interesting cooperative combat scenario. I recommend that this game be played with three; it adds to the cooperative factor that makes this game unique.

Hint: France should look for a low water crossing, kind of a swampy portion hidden by cattails. The Egyptians (Algeria) need to coordinate attacks against individual squares and over come them. The French will have no reinforcements. The Egyptians will have some barracks and one stable. In reality Cairo fell easily though with severe casualties to the Fellahin light infantry made up of Egyptian peasantry (light infantry unit) and the Mamelukes to their left.

Remember this is not a very accurate depiction of Napoleon’s defeat of the Mamelukes of Egypt. Always read for the facts and don’t take things at face value. Do your own research.

Have fun.

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