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C1:Record Manager
02/June/2009, 1:19 PM
This programm allows you to easily manage your autorecords and saved games if you have a lot of them.
It allows you to change the name easily rather then using meaningless numbers ( RNO 123 456 7899 0123).
It also shows you a quick capture of which players where in game, etc...
Unfortunately, this version is still only present in Russian.
I have problems displaying the text properly ( shows up as ????? or funny symbols) as i dont have the russian language codex pack installed.
As soon as i have a full english version, i will upload it aswell.
I have not had the time to write a tutorial, however its rather easy to use and there is an english read me included.
If you have questions, pls post them in the forum.
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1 gocodes   [Entry]
not works(( getting error message and got closed

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2 Cichor   [Entry]
Your version is BtW?

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