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Direct Draw Patch
12/January/2010, 7:04 PM

Patch for Direct Draw Problem on European Wars, The Art of War and Back to War for High End Graphic Cards

Category: C1 Patch EW | Added by: EbelAngel
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21 hadesvu   [Entry]

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20 7samu7crack   [Entry]
Hi, I have Windows 10 x64 and when I try to play I get the black screen. I installed the patch, but the game also does not work. What do I do?

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19 klauscunha   [Entry]
I have win 10 x64, tried everything but with this patch i get an error debug like.

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18 minostaurus   [Entry]
Hi! i need help because the patch doesnt Work. I have windows 10 but i readed in steam forums something about the game never works on this windows version. Is that true? sad cry

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16 lykos   [Entry]
Hey sorry to be a pain but it still doens't work for me. Mouse is just frozen..

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17 EbelAngel   [Entry]
Probably because this isnt intended to fix the problem with 'frozen mouses'. dry

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14 s0ntoq   [Entry]
can work in resolution 1024x600?

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15 Cichor   [Entry]
2-3 times I played.

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11 [hwk]poppen   [Entry]

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12 kizilat   [Entry]
thanks bro but i dont see download link

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13 Cichor   [Entry]
Try to find one magic word: Download

I you have problems with it then you should use magic combination of keys - press ctrl and f, write magic word from above and click...

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10 wim duin   [Entry]
please send me the patch with windows 7 the game does,nt work any more

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9 kyle   [Entry]

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8 sampieru   [Entry]

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