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Sveaborg - C1:TAoW
02/November/2010, 8:41 PM
Scenario required The Art Of War with mod1.

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Author: styrbiorn


After the unsuccesful war against Russia in 1743, the Swedish parliament decided four years later that a large fortress should be constructed to protect the Eastern border against the growing Russian empire. The work on the fortress, planned by Colonel Lieutenant Augustin Ehrensvärd, begun in 1748 and not until 40 years later, in 1788 it was completed. Located on seven islands outside Helsingfors, Finland (Helsinki), defended with more than 200 cannons, with a garrison of 5-10,000 men, with an internal harbour able to support the whole galley fleet and a working ship yard, it one of the the largest fortresses in Europe, considered being on the brink of impregnable.

However, when the Russians finally came in 1808 the governor of the fortress, Count Carl Olof Cronstedt surrendered the fortress to a minor Russian force. In his absence, Cronstedt was accused of High treason, sentenced to death and to loose his knighthood, citizenship and honour. The rest of his life Cronstedt lived on Russian pension in Russian territory.

This scenario is a what-if, about a Russian assault of the fortress. The player is in command of a large Russian army contingent and the task is simply to take the fortress. To do this, the key positions of the fortress must be captured.

This scenario requires Cossacks - the Art of War with Mod1.

Simply extract the files.zip to the main Cossacks directory (same folder as dmcr.exe, usually "Cossacks - Art of War") and all files automatically will be placed in the correct folder. A complete list of the files follows:
Sveaborg.m3d    - Cossacks main folder
Sveabord.add    - Cossacks - Art of War/UserMissions/
Sveaborg.bmp    - Cossacks - Art of War/UserMissions/Sveaborg/
Sveaborg.cms    - Cossacks - Art of War /UserMissions/Sveaborg/
Sveaborg.txt    - Cossacks - Art of War /UserMissions/Sveaborg/
Sveaborg.str    - Cossacks - Art of War /UserMissions/Sveaborg/
Sveaborg.dsc    - Cossacks - Art of War /UserMissions/Sveaborg/
Simply run Cossacks, choose single mission and, hopefully, enjoy.

A small Swedish flotilla wharves in the fortress, but is deactivated. These ships will not be activated unless the player tries to enter the inner harbour with his transports. Upgrading your transports is be a good idea.

It is not necessary to capture the three small islets, but it might be wise to ensure safe landings on the main islands. Choose your landing spots wiselely, so that so many as possible survives until a beach head can be secured.

Be careful with the grenadiers, they are the key to victory. You will not be able to capture artillery, because of balancing, so your only hope of destroying buildings and casemates (represented by log cabins) is the grenadiers. The grenadiers are superior to the musketeers too, as they are better in both ranged attack and close combat. The Swedish troops have a more accurate musketry than the Russians, but are just a little better in close combat, so engaging in melee might be a good idea. The Russians have also a huge advantage in number - twice as many, but don't waste troops, you will need them.

Defeat will be a fact once most of your troops are killed.
Victory will be achieved when you control the key positions, and a large enough force is still alive.

1. exterminate the garrison of works
2. as above+destroy the casemate
3. destroy the casemates, yards and the town hall
4. kill the garrison
5. as above
6. destroy the shipyards
7. destroy the town hall and the casemates
8. destroy the barracks, and kill the garrison
9. kill the garrison

Difficulty levels
There are three difficulty levels: Easy/Normal, Hard and Very Hard. Hard differents from Easy and Normal by a more accurate Swedish artillery, while on Very Hard, not only the Swedish artillery is more efficient, but the Swedish troops are also of higher quality.

Feel free to send critique to the creator at mailto:styrbiorns@yahoo.se
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