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Real War Mod v 2.00
12/January/2010, 8:26 PM
Atabey's Real War Mod v 2.00 for Cossacks I : The Art Of War & Back To War


-This is a more realistic cossacks mod. Name of Cossacks : Real War.
-There is a 9 nations:Austria,Algeria,Britain,France,Prussia,Poland-Lithuania,Russia,Spain and The Ottoman Empire.
-Ther'snt XVIII th century ...
-Two new resorces options (NoMad[0 resorces] and Deatmatch [999999999 resorces])
-There is a new upgrades and army etc.
-Austria have a Pikeman (name of Halberdier ) more strong.
-Algeria Archer more strong and have fast horse name of  Arabian Knight.
-Britain have a new infantry Scottich Swordman fast built time.
-France Pikeman more fast built time and Chasseur attack pause more less.
-Prussia have a new swordman and more less build time Muskheteer and strong Elite Muskheteer.
-Poland have a very strong Muskheteer/Granider.
-Russia have a Serdiuk and dwelling dosn't capture.(ruslara sus payı) Sopa Kafaya
-Spain have a arabian infantryman.
-The Ottoman Empire have more strong Jenissary and Atabey.
-The villagers dosnt capture and new feature...
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8 Moebius58  
I am sorry but it seems that the link don't work anymore

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9 EbelAngel  

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10 Moebius58  
Thank you very much

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7 Cichor  

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5 punkgamer  
the Host send me a message that an unexpected error occured. So, i can't download the Mod.

Anyone got a valid link to this mod ??

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6 Cichor  
Give me time. ;]

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3 [BDT]_OveRLorD  
don't work!

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4 Cichor  
Maybe something more? We are not clairvoyants, ok?

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2 [BDT]_OveRLorD  

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1 swerige  

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