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The Island - C1:EW
23/July/2010, 11:19 PM
The Island, a map for Cossacks European Wars.
Remember! Most of maps for C: EW and C:TAoW will be works on C: BtW!! But vice versa... is only little chance for that.
Thanks to Agrid we know that maps work well in 1.37 Imperia Mod. I try several of it with my friends in 17th c HH Mod and work too.

Author: only email KDGRH@pandora.be

This is my first map, but it's good, my next map is coming soon,
This map has snow in the north, and desert is the south, in the middle
there is sea. There is 1 small Island In the middle of the sea. on that Island
there are a lot of mines. You automaticly start with The Netherlands
in this map. the other country is Russia in the north.
and Algeria in the south, over the sea.
I hope you have fun with the map.
send any comments to:   KDGRH@pandora.be
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