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The Swedish Invasion 2
19/June/2013, 9:22 AM
The Swedish Invasion is a very hard map that tests your ability to wage a gurrerra war. You are hopelessly outnumbered and outmatched. 
I remapped an old Cossacks AoW map. 
I deleted the old trees, put in better trees, retextured the bland ground and basically made the map look more appealing. 
The year is 1706.
 The Great Northern War rages between Russia, Denmark, Poland and Sweden. The Swedish king, Charles XII, has been encouraged by his recent victory over the Russians at Narva, and is planning to expand his control further west. 
Several months ago Charles ended his Polish campaign and placed Stanislaus I, one of his loyal lackeys, on the throne of Poland. He has thus eliminated Poland as a threat, and Denmark is not willing to raise arms against Sweden since the treaty six years ago. 
Charles XII now has succesfuly negotiated with the Saxons to allow his armies from Poland to move through Saxon territory and into the Netherlands. The Dutch king has been recently informed of this plan and has decided to send a small army to intercept the main Swedish advance by moving into Saxony. Although outnumbered by the Swedes and the Saxons who inhabit the area, the king has faith in your leadership capabilities and believes you can find a way to stop this invasion. 
Original map By Apex_of_Power.
Remapped and remixed by Ienzo. 

Greetings General,
Our scouts report the defenses Saxon town (GREEN) to be structurally weak, albeit heavily armed. In the east, they have palisades, while the west remains vulnerable to attack. 
We have lost many a-scouts to enemy Swedish (BLUE) scouts and raiders.  
We also have reports of the Swedish army setting up camp up north. 
It is your choice general, whether you can get the Saxons to revoke access to the Swedish and help us in our war. Alternatively, we can capture their town before our supplies run out and fight the Swedish with a formidable holdfast. 
Whatever your choice may be, know that we do not have supplies for an extended sortie. Either we must destroy the Swedes quickly, or find a source of food for a long war. 
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