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The Swiss Adventure 1
26/September/2012, 4:46 PM
This was designed as an experiment in Attrition Damage and its applicability in Cossacks. We were taking up Tagalog Attrition Warfare against the Americans in the Philippine-American War and it got me thinking: that would probably work in Cossacks if I built it right. 
I chose Switzerland because of the National Redoubt Strategy wherein the Swiss would not attack the enemy head on but wage a war of attrition in the mountains and outlast the expected Nazi invaders. This map is built around that concept. 

Switzerland is in a bad position. Enemies approach from all sides: French, Germans (Prussian), Austrians and Italians (Piedimonte) all desire Switzerland as their own. Your economy is in shambles. Your army is scattered. Your resources are strained. Enemy armies march through the cantons wrecking havoc. You must use attrition damage to outlast the enemy! 

There are two maps in the download: easy and hard. Both are meant to be played single player against four very hards. Good luck!

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6 icky18  
nice map,
thanks pal

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3 jurko  
hot to make this thing work?? I downloaded this than what?

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4 Cichor  

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5 jurko  
thanks biggrin !!

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2 manmag  
bravo ebel but more maps please

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1 EbelAngel  
Very nice map!

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