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Twist of 1812:C1:TAoW
02/November/2010, 8:58 PM

Map to Cossacks: The Art of War.

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Author: Natalinasmpf




***EDITOR: To replace an earlier upload with the same name. Still American Conquest ***

Bear in mind this is beta version 1.0 since its not perfect, and there's a slight glitch where I can't delete some of the water off the cliffs. Its not really that beautiful, but the basic idea is there, with the positions, but it will do for now (I can't find any flowers damnit!). Heavily forested areas hinder movement and it is a multiplayer map for two players (perhaps proxy players added later for the Hawks).
Story (a bit far fetched):

In a twist of history, the Napoleonic Wars does *gasp* affect the War of 1812. So the USA and France ease hostilities again to fight the bigger enemy that is Britain, that also has happened to ally Spain. Nevertheless, the US and French army happen to find themselves besieged in a strategic point by Spanish and British forces. The Sioux join forces against the USA because of grudges when suddenly a new force arrives from the South, the Central and Southern Americans, refugees from the Spanish atrocities some hundred or two hundred years ago, and the manage to find themselves in the ranks of the USA to take vengeance against the Spanish.

Key channels on the river next to the valley should be guarded for the USA, else the enemy can transport troops to the soft underbelly and bypass the defenses both natural and man-made. Naval clash is highly likely.

The British forces are superior to the US forces numerically but with the advantage of the defender the US may be able to turn the tide.

Honor rules: Please do not use the buildings whatsoever to make upgrades (not even the ships!) or produce units. They are only for garrisoning. Even though you can, do not - the enjoyability of this game depends on your honour and nobility...



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