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Venezia vs Piemonte - C1:EW
23/July/2010, 11:58 PM
Venezia vs Piemonte, a map for Cossacks European Wars.
Remember! Most of maps for C: EW and C:TAoW will be works on C: BtW!! But vice versa... is only little chance for that.
Thanks to Agrid we know that maps work well in 1.37 Imperia Mod. I try several of it with my friends in 17th c HH Mod and work too.

Author: only email redwarrior7@hotmail.com

Venezia vs Piemonte

Your monks have been captured by the merchenary army.One of the merchenary camp

is on the north-west of the map.

It ‘s time for revenge!

But don’t go so fast….on your way you will find a much stronger army

than the merchenary one. Two populations from Piemonte are going to build

a town right beside the merchenary camp. You’ll need a strong army to defeat both.

1.How to install the map?

1)Copy the file Venezia vs Piemonte.m3d in your Cossacks directory.

2)Start Cossacks

3)Go to Singleplayer/Random Map

4)Click on desingned map.

5)Choose Venezia vs Piemonte.m3d from the list

6)Select the computer opponents

7)Start the game

2.Who plays?

Player1 - Venezia

Player2 - Piemonte

Player3 - Piemonte

Player4 - Merchenary Army

3.Where can I say my opinion about the map?

Mail to:


4. Have fun !!!

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