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Vienna 1683 - Historical Battle
10/October/2010, 12:24 PM

Vienna 1683 | Wiedeń 1683 a battle for Cossacks: The Art of War.

Narrated in brief. Interpretation one of greatest battle in history wars between Turkey and Christian Europe. Austria, Saxony, Bavaria, Svabia, Franconia (ca 45000 and 120 cannons) and Kingdom of Poland (ca 30000 and 30 cannons) lead by Polish king Jan III Sobieski rescued Vienna.  Vienna was under siege since July by ca 100000 enemies troops and 300 cannons (Turkey, Tatarch Vallachia, Moldavia) was nearly give up. Battle started 11th September 1683 early morning and ended 10 hours later after one of numberous charge in history (20000 riders!!) personally conducted by king Jan III Sobeiski.

Remember! Most of maps for C: EW and C:TAoW will be works on C: BtW!! But vice versa... is only little chance for that.
Thanks to Agrid we know that maps work well in 1.37 Imperia Mod. I try several of it with my friends in 17th c HH Mod and work too.


Author: [BRP]GrzegorzXI





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