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Warsaw 1656
10/October/2010, 2:24 PM

Warszawa 1656 | Warsaw 1656, a battle for Cossacks: The Art of War with Mod1 or BtW with Mod1!!

July 18, 1656 – July 20, 1656 ca 35000 Polish, Lithuanian and Crimean Tatars troops fought against 20000 Brandenburgians and Swedes. After three days Swedes again capture Warsaw.


Author: Adi_the_Chevalie



From Readme.txt:
""Warszawa 1656
Metoda walki w tej bitwie jest podobna jak w bitwie pod Lutzen. Ustawiamy 2 komputerowych graczy - niebieskiego i czerwonego, gracze fioletowi i pomarańczowi są zmuszeni ustawić team z czerwonym, a zielony i czarny ustawić team z niebieskim komputerem. Opis bitwy: http://www.jest.art.pl/warszawa1656.html





Warsaw (2st Northern War, 1656)

   Before his induction into the Hawks club, player Adi_the_Chevalie used the Hawks' idea of proxy-battle to re-create for the group the invasion of Poland and the subsequent victory outside Warsaw by Sweden's Charles X. This is a battle heavy in cavalry. The Polish lancers also play a vital role in this engagement. A fight across the levy can be very dramatic and don't under-estimate the Swedish infantry. No up-grades or building allowed in Warsaw as buildings are there just for looks. A 4-person proxy-battle.

What is a proxy-battle? This is an invention of Hawks founder THE DRAKE whereby AOW battlefields can host more than 2 players with just 2 main armies. Take a look at the map. You will 2 main enemy armies, for example Red vs Blue. Then, on each side will be smaller parties of different colors. For example, if there is a party of Green and Purple on the side of Red then two players choose Green and Purple respectively, same team number, then set Red to Computer Player Easy with the same team number. Once the game starts, these players wait for the map to load THEN both can select Red in the Tool Box option and each controls Red units. Again, the main army is Easy computer player, but same team number as the smaller parties. Warning; Proxy-battles do not allow you to break up formations so prepare wield formations and not mobs of men.





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