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Waterloo 1815 - Historical Battle
02/November/2010, 8:27 PM
Once again we back to legendary and really, most popular interpretation of battle in Cossacks community.

Battle for Cossacks:The Art of War with mod1.

Found on:


Author: Wellington111


Thank you for downloading the Battle of Waterloo.
If you want some more infomation on the project visit http://www.geocities.com/eurowars111/The_Battle_of_Waterloo.html .
Where to place things
Simply place the .m3d in the main cossacks directory, the .add file in the user missions directory and for the rest you have to creat a new folder and call it Waterloo and stick whats left (the remaining 5 files) in it.
Whats new
The Prussians
Over 11,000 units
A battle that reflects the entire battle field instead of just a small section.
The Imperial Guard.
Flagbearers attack with formations in some cases.
The Imperial Guard attacks with bayonets instead of just shooting when in range.
The Imperial Guard retreats when it has suffered huge casualties.
What you need
All you need to run the scenario is a copy of cossacks euro wars and art of war, along with Mod1 and the newest patch 1.30.
Thank you for downloading. If you have any bugs or problems to report (or just liked the scenario) you can E-mail me at dukeofwellington111@hotmail.com.
Final Note
Due to a bug it is vitaly important that you dont retreat behinfd your starting possitions. If possible always retake the land you have just lost in an attack.
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