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Waterloo - Historical Battle
16/September/2010, 2:14 PM
Waterloo, another one version of battle from 1815. Battle made for C1:EW but will work with C:TAoW and C:BtW.

Author: unknown

From Redme.txt:

"Waterloo V1.0

Because of the date differences, the troops are my interprtaion and not exact. Im not totally happy with Hougoumont
positioning or the need for three towers (try to simulate troops firing from in the building)

I would suggest enough peace time to allow for all upgrades on both sides (including the towers)

Anglo troops contain English, Netherlands, Piemont, Austrian and Swedes (only the English troops are upgradeable to
try and allow for difference in quality).

The Prussian's on the right are blocked in and require the gate to be opened. The timing of this should be decided
at the start, and even if you are down to your last cannon and the time elapses (youre gone).

The French troops are all French and upgradeable. The Grenadiers in front of the village (Rossome) are the Imperial
Guard. From the back Old Guard = two lots of Grenadiers and two Chassuers, Middle Guard = 3 Grenadiers, Young Guard
= 4 Grenadiers.

Hope its fun."
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