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Waterloo - Historical Battle
16/September/2010, 3:34 PM
From: http://www.mastersofthefield.com

"Waterloo 1815 (Napoleonic Wars) Perhaps the most studied battle in history, this is Warthur's interpretation using his unique land contouring editing technique. It is the un-spoken policy of the Hawks to allow only one official map of a certain battle per game (AOW or AC). An exception has been made in this case. Please read enclosed text for instructions. Diagram of actual battle also included. 5-person proxy-battle."

Author: Warthur

From Readme.txt:

"Waterloo II 1815 / Cossacks 1.29 Mod
map made by [HWK]Wathur - august2003

the minimap:
-circles stand for villages
-squares stand for farms, except Fishermont (at the right) which is a castle

the game:
-three generals on allied side (orange/violet/black) and two on French side (white and green)
-no upgrades for the allies / only two upgrades for the French allowed: range of artillery (at the academy at the bottom of the map)
-Prussian army (at the right border of the map) can move forward from the beginning of the game

the units:
-the Allies (red)  = British (British), Dutch/Belgo (Netherlands), Brunswick (Saxony), KGL (Sweden),                                     Prussians (Prussia + Russian Don Cossacks as Uhlans)
-the French (blue) = mixed French and Piemonte (for their fire-power) + Russian Don Cossacks as Polish lancers

have fun!

WarthurWater - warthurwater@hotmail.com"
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