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I just uploaded a test version of my New Terrain Mod (NTM) to the Steam Workshop. If anyone is interested, try it out, I'd like to get some feedback while I'm still working on it.


1.) New landscape options : Lakes, Rivers and coastal. (360+ map masks.)
2.) New seasons options: Spring and Autumn.
3.) New peace time options: 5 & 15 minutes.
4.) New warship options: with or without warships.
5.) New additional start options: 17th century barracks, log Cabins and a village.
6.) New resource start options: 10000, 50000, 100000 and 500000.
7.) New foreststype option: Countryside (rural), Taiga (default), Black forest (Dense), temperate forest (new trees mix).
8.) New harvestable treetypes : Willow, Oak, Beech, Birch, Cypress, Olive, Poplar, Maple, Oak bushes,...
9.) New flowers and deco types: cabbage, cornflower, thistle, caluna, editor buildings (rubbled houses, farmsteads, graves).
10.) New map textures (summer, winter, autumn, spring)
11.) New random map masks (350+) for existing landscape types bringing more variety in start positions & terrain, particularly for 8 player maps but also for 2-7 player maps.
12.) New patterns for more landscape variety (200+)
13.) Animated trees. They appear to be moving with the wind.
14.) All new options are localized in the various available languages.
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