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Cossacks 3 has been patched to fix some bugs.

Posted by FireAtem on steam forums:

New update with multiplayer!
We, as promised, we continue to work and here is a list of the new and amended:
- First of all. Internet server is now live!
- Autosave option is now avialable by default in new profiles and users.
- Fixed many text errors
- Enabling developers commands are now available through cheat codes.
- Fixed bug with wrong text charachters encoding when switching between profiles with different languages.
- Developers' tools in non-editor parts of the game (removed)
- Two soundtracks playing at the same time (solved)
- Text tags in tutorial missions texts (corrected\fixed)

Solutions to common problems
Problems with poor performance on laptops:
- Manually set what kind of videocard game picks
The problem with the construction of the line of houses:
- The maximum number of orders for construction - six.
Problems with low performance despite the fairly good system data:
- Check that there are no background processes on your computer. They can hinder computer's speed
- Update or reinstall the driver
- Remove or conversely enable vertical sync

Details - how to do it. Click on an empty part of the desktop, right-click, then select "Properties" from the context menu. In the "Display Properties", go to the tab "Settings" window that appears. Next, click on the button on the tab "Advanced". In the window that appears, navigate to the tab with the name of your video card (NVIDIA, ATI and other graphics). Typically, this tab is somehow highlighted or colorfully decorated. Then your graphics card settings window (on your graphics card's control panel) - you will be depending on the name of your graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce or ATI Radeon) go in 3D-graphics setup or just the graphics settings or parameters 3D-applications. Then, after the transition to the setting of 3D-graphics in the options list - you need to find the corresponding synchronization point (depending on the control panel interface the graphics card): it can be either "Vertical sync", or simply "Sync." Further, at this point the settings you will need to disable or enable vertical sync. Change the value from on to off or off to on, or from the control-3D application to Enable or Disable (depending on the settings of the interface).
We hope that you will help our tips)
And do not forget, if you suddenly have some problems, please send your dxdiag on support@cossacks3.com


Source: Posted by FireAtem on the steam forums


More Fixes

Patch notes:

Critical (fixed):
- Multiplayer is now more stable, playable and clean. We are working on further improvements.
- Cannons and howitzers was unable to attack ships and units through walls. Which lead to problems in completing some missions
- Building gates and opening them no longer lead to crash
- Game now make deep check if you got DEP set to critical setting, that won't allow game to work properly. and it will show you warning message.

- Combo-boxes in game room, no more auto-close when you try to change values.
- Private (password-protected) rooms are now available in multiplayer shell.
- Bug when players could join in already full room.
- Creating squads in multiplayer game, in some cases led to unexpected result.
- Removed all cheats from multiplayer games
- Lot of server optimizations.
- Number of players and max players are now properly shown in sessions list.
- Lesser player random disconnects from server while in game.

Other bugs (fixed)
- After loading saved game, building was not shown on mini map.
- Achievements, not related to Campaign missions, no longer achieved while playing campaign.
- Achievements in Russian language added.
- Pressing ESC while placing walls led to lose ability to control game.
- Fixed situation, when player may put all his peasants in to ferry or mines, and game decide that players is defeated and destroy all units and buildings.

Patch make fixes in next campaign missions:
-Austria campaign, missions: 1, 2, 3.
-French campaign, mission 4
-English campaign, mission 2
-Russian campaign, mission 4

And achievements in Russian language added.


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