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5:36 AM
Cossacks 3 Unit Limit has been increased to 16000!

Previously the unit limit was capped at 10 000 , but since the latest patch there can be 16 000 soldiers on the field!

This patch includes fixes of critical crashes, fix for laptops dedicated graphics cards and many other expected things.

1. Laptops with two graphics cards now correctly select most powerful one.
2. Fixed an issue when player uses msn account in cloud like OneDrive or other and was unable to change language and save game.

1. Increased maximum number of units from 10 000 to 16 000.
2. Fixed wrong information of players owned DLCs in main menu.
3. It is now easier to place new buildings near trees.
4. Fixed issue when player was able to interrupt wall placing process and game become uncontrollable.
5. Fixed bug when settings window could open on game start if you previously open it in main menu.
6. Fixes texts in Ukrainian localization.

1. Added ally chat. Press Ctrl+Enter to chat with ally.
2. Fixed bug when balloon upgrade of one player open fog of war of all the players.
3. Fixed bug in internet shell, when chat messages were shown without nick, after player leave shell.
4. It is now possible to send private message using players ID, like: /w #23456 private message text
5. Fixed bug, when game name disappeared after player press "Make Private" button while creating game room.
6. Fixed bug, when players ID was cut in players list

1. Russian campaign, mission 4, players unions now work properly. Fixed answer when you had not enough resources to pay to Tsar. Changed scenario events.

Work in progress tasks
1. Fixing “atioglxx.dll” crashes on AMD Radeon R7-R9 graphics cards series, happens mostly on exit to main menu.
2. Possibility to scroll map while selecting units with frame.
3. Proper game continuation after room master leaves the game.
4. Window that shows players progress loading at multiplayer start, now it sometimes shows incorrect information.
5. Increasing multiplayer games stability.
6. Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portugal language support. They are at testing stage and will be added soon.
7. Game rating and stats in multiplayer game.
8. End game statistics after single player and multiplayer matches on random map.


For a list of all patch notes click here.

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