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5:03 PM
GameSpy Server DownTime
Since over a week now, the GameSpy server for Cossacks I seems to be down.
In the meantime if you are on 1.35 ( Back to war), you can play over the GSC Server for which you need a key. If you do not have a key for this server you can obtain one @ http://www.americanconquest.de/key/english.php (It's for AC, but it works for Cossacks)
For those that are on 1.15 & 1.30 ( European War & The Art Of War) you can use GameRanger to set up games and play. Evidently those with 1.35 can use GameRanger aswell.
Hopefully this downtime is temporary and not permanent. For more information or if you have problems or questions ,leave a message in the forum.
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