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Hawks Seven Years War mod by [HWK]Poppen aka. HWK Michael
The mod takes place in the seven years war ( with the great northern war and the American Revolution to come later) .
All install instructions are over at the hawks forum here.
This mod comes with 7 maps. All Normal battles with the troops already placed.  Multiplayer only for now.


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For all of you modders a very big "Thank you" for your work and ideas ! Wish you a successful new year luck on your ways....

Great job made !


Link directs to the login page of the hawks site. Guest can no longer see the download or related topics. Just saying....

gex droped ew2 for some reason or another. there still around.but im not uing them. and yes. the dry fields. yea. i use them in most of my maps. there a beautiful space waster

1 have to ask, what happened to the units Gex built in the previous mod?

what style do you mean?

the dry farm look that see so common on HWK maps.

Computer OS broke and the Computer shop used a fake windows Key. I Simply type in the real key and it works! Also, i found out Cossacks and its family dont work on Ubuntu +Wine.

I have some maps lined up. I like the maps you included, though i am not familiar with that style.

Excellent. A good reason to fix my PC and make new maps.

yea. boy. come make some. whats up with your computer? ( im a computer tech)

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