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Hawks Seven Years War mod by [HWK]Poppen aka. HWK Michael
The mod takes place in the seven years war ( with the great northern war and the American Revolution to come later) .
All install instructions are over at the hawks forum here.
This mod comes with 7 maps. All Normal battles with the troops already placed.  Multiplayer only for now.


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9 Ali123  
For all of you modders a very big "Thank you" for your work and ideas ! Wish you a successful new year luck on your ways....

Great job made !


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8 EbelAngel  
Link directs to the login page of the hawks site. Guest can no longer see the download or related topics. Just saying....

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7 [hwk]poppen  
gex droped ew2 for some reason or another. there still around.but im not uing them. and yes. the dry fields. yea. i use them in most of my maps. there a beautiful space waster

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6 Ienzo  
1 have to ask, what happened to the units Gex built in the previous mod?

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4 [hwk]poppen  
what style do you mean?

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5 Ienzo  
the dry farm look that see so common on HWK maps.

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3 Ienzo  
Computer OS broke and the Computer shop used a fake windows Key. I Simply type in the real key and it works! Also, i found out Cossacks and its family dont work on Ubuntu +Wine.

I have some maps lined up. I like the maps you included, though i am not familiar with that style.

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1 Ienzo  
Excellent. A good reason to fix my PC and make new maps.

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2 [hwk]poppen  
yea. boy. come make some. whats up with your computer? ( im a computer tech)

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