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New C2 Maps
I have been making and playing some new maps lately. So I have added another 7 skirmish maps for C2 1.3. They will also work on 1.4. Hope you enjoy them!

Well I have been asked to give some descriptions on my maps, but since I do not write all that well I will instead describe my philosophy  on map making. 

My passion is on-line play, so my maps are designed around balance for each side.

First I make a map that I would like to play. This means an average amount of resources. balance in that neither side is closer to any resource than the other. Since I believe that the maps in C2 are too small, I try to position the opponents at the furthest position of the map, and use all corners.

I try to build a map with 2 sides. Normally a dividing line such as a river, or mountain range, that could be defended from a rush.

I try to leave an open area for fortifications, should you last long enough to build one. (many maps do not have an area large enough to build one and I hated that.)

Beyond that I tried to get creative  with the formation of villages. I think I have finally been able to get the farms correct. And I have tried to get creative with gold, coal, and iron villages, by placing them in, or on hills/mountains. Forming mountain trails in the rock. (not easy for me to do).

I also have tried to create at least one Town on each map, that has no value other than decoration. (mainly just because they are fun to build).

Beyond that I have played with the starting amount of peasants. and starting resources. I feel this allows different builds, and strategies. And just in general it keeps the game fresh. 

Well there you go on my ideas of what a good map consists of. I would welcome any other ideas.

Thanks, and good gaming!

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4 Ali123  
Hi Daddio !
Best regards from germany and a very big "Thank you" for your work (representative for the other modders, scripters and map-designers too). After 9 years beeing fan of C1, C2, C2-BfE, AC, ACFB and Alexander (has the same engine, but no one had ever fixed its bugs) I am very very appreciative for all the wonderful guys (and girls too) they still work for the community of fans. Please continue.......

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5 Daddio  
Thanks you very much. I really appreciate your kind comments.

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3 Nowy  
Fine description. Your philosophy on map making is clear now.
My point of view on map making is little bit different, but I appreciate your ideas.

I also can imagined your ideas earlier and noticed how you tried balance these maps.
In few cases you simply used mirror effect and it was smart enough for good balance.
Predicted opponents positions in corners and some open areas for fortifications also are fine. Your maps are quite transparent and esthetically well made however there are some things which could be improved. Especially more realistic topography (landscape) will be welcome.

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2 Daddio  
All my maps are in the c2 skirmish map section.

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1 aiidii  
Any chance of you uploading .m3d files of these maps?


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