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New English cdv forums
cdv USA has it's own new English forums now, and toghether with their own site, they are more independant now from the German cdv who's forum's are down again at the moment due to whatever reason.
You can visit them on http://forums.cdvusa.com
Some of the recent posts may have dissapeared due to the forum downtime but all the older posts have been preserved.
For the rest, Cichor has been archiving some of the old Cossacks 1 maps for European Wars here on the site. You can find them in the new C1 map section.
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2 Cichor  
I don't have idea... Delete this comment or answer the question.

Look to manual or write about your problems with it on forum.

Regards, Cichor

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1 ajduk  
How to play in LAN?

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