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New World Order - international tournament by kozacy.org

Few words from [HKA]Warren to Cossacks Community:

"Hello west guys, privet east friends!

I, my mates from kozacy.org, lcn admin [-SKY-]Bo[JI]K, [HKA]Sav, [-NEC-]Akoo, technical admin [GeV]Koko and great player [PR]ELENDOR organize next fantastic tourney. Now we want invite players from all earth's nations, even Eskimos and Zulu Chakas. ;) Our main mind is "Tourny without BORDERS", and we know, we can do it now!


Some info about New World Order Cup!

1. Tourney System:

1.a Main Info:

Tournament consists of 2 rounds. First stage is regional elimination for 2nd round, which is played as a play off. Groups will be 4-7, it depends on number of participants. First proposal for regional stage is share players for these groups:

1- Polish group (1 or 2 groups) Forum language: Polish;
2- Russian group (1) Forum language: Russian;
3- Ukrainian group (1) Forum language: Russian/Ukrainian;
4- Hungarian group (1) Forum language: Hungarian/English;
5- West group (1) Forum language: English;
6- Mix group (1) Forum language: English or Russian

Min. 5 players in each group. In anormal situation we'll add some non-regional players to the smallest groups.

1.b Groups:

Every group has own administrator and language. 8 players with best lcn rank don't play in first stage. They start competition in play off round as 'favourites'.

2. Rules:

Our main mind is "tourney without borders"- for nationality, rules and skills, so we put in NWO cup five most popular rules from LCN and one organisator's rule- they're 1000 0pt, 5000 0pt, 5000 10pt (adm rules), 5000 20pt no dc, $$$ def 10pt and $$$ def 0pt.

In groups we play one game in rules of player "x" and one game in rules of player "y". If game score will be 1:1 then gamers play one extra game on extra rule choosen by organisators. Different extrarule for each group.

In play offs participants use all rules from "rules list" until somebody has 2 points advantage, e.g 2:0, 3:1. If score will be 3:3 then players play extragame on rule 5000 20pt WITH dc (like diff liga).

2.a Codex:

a) Raids allowed on all rules alltime in all map (neutral too), also before finish the peace time.

b) Auto save for all nominations - 2 min or 4 min.

c) Cheats are prohibited, include Macros. Pomor patch is allowed.

d) Unnecessary discussions between players will be punished.

3. Other:


1 dollar for 1 participants for 1st place. E.G 60 players in cup= 60 dollars for the winner. Maximum 64 dollars.


20th November- 23th December 2011

Registration! ---> http://forum.kozacy.org/registration-bejegyzes-vf157.htm

Cup Forum! ---> http://forum.kozacy.org/cat52.htm

Forum kozacy.org ---> http://forum.kozacy.org/

Tourney will be in 4 language- Polish, English, Russian and Hungarian!!!

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