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6:15 PM
- Missing Files:
Some of the file's in the Upload ~ download section seem to be gone from the filefront server for an unknown reason. So if you run in to an "filefront" error page, please be patient, we will try to restore the files as soon as possible. It's mainly the bigger downloads that are hosted on filefront. The smaller files are hosted on the site here and are still there.
I truly apologize for any inconvenience, please sent all your hatemail to filefront ;-)
- New Pages:
After seeing the results of the last poll, I created a couple of new CII Modding pages & CII Editor Pages:
I will add more information on some of the unfinished Battle Editor Pages on how to actually set up a script for a scenario/Battle later this week or next week. I will also try to finish the new F.A.Q Section , ScreenShot section & Mods Section when I find some time for it.
As always, if you want to see specific information on a particular subject, leave a message in the forum and I'll try to do my best.
- New Moderator:
I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce a new moderator for the Cossacks II forums: [HWK]Poppen. He is motivated & dedicated to wargames and knows a thing or two about modding aswell. He is also creating an American Revolution Mod at the moment, so I'm sure he will be a valuable asset to the team.
Kind Regards
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