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Updated Cossacks 3 New Terrain Mod
C3 NT Mod Animals

Version (20/01/2018)
- Improved the generation time for the 'black forest' option. Reduced the amount of trees/patterns that were being generated. Still one of the 'longest' generation times, but managed to reduce it by up to 30 seconds. I''ll try to improve more in the next version.
- Added a 'transport only' option for the 'warships' option. Usefull for river/lake maps if you do not want fishboats/warships, but only ferries.
- Added a 'union' additional start option. On choosing a nation it will be paired with one other nation.
(Austria - Hungary; Turkey - Algeria; Spain - Portugal; Venice - Piemonte; Sweden - Denmark; France - Switzerland; Ukraine - Russia; Poland - Prussia; Bavaria - Saxony.
On choosing England you will be paired with Netherlands because not everyone has the scotland dlc, but if you have and you choose Scotland you will be paired with England.
- Added an 'expensive mercenaries' option. They will cost 3 times as much as normal when this option is enabled.
- Added animals: Farm animals (cow, goose, hen, pig, sheep) & wild animals (bear, deer, fox, wild pigs, wolf). You''l find farm animals on the 'country side' maps, and wild animals in forests & plains on the various maps. These bring variety and make the maps more lively.

For more information on the mod, read here.



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