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New site with information about American Conquest.

American Conquest Sites | Transitions: 192 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 22/October/2019

Forum and Portal of the biggest Polish Cossacks community since 2010. Main topics: Cossacks 1 and Cossacks 3. Mainly multiplayer, but there are some places about singleplayer, modding and tips for beginners. Most posts are in Polish language, but it's easily to communicate in english or russian too.
Cossacks I Tournament Sites | Transitions: 732 | Added by: Kozacy.org - Administrator | Date: 25/May/2016

Features info and tools on modding Cossacks & American Conquest
American Conquest Sites | Transitions: 1000 | Added by: pete | Date: 27/March/2011

The Sword & Arrow site includes the mod itself, useful tools and programs, tutorials on modding, forums, articles and screenshots.
American Conquest Sites | Transitions: 1090 | Added by: pete | Date: 26/March/2011

Site of FB League tournaments. All best players of FB visit this site 1-2 times during the day. Also you can get there CD-KEY for multiplayer game
American Conquest Sites | Transitions: 1034 | Added by: Rasim | Date: 11/January/2011

I think this is the biggest site about American Conquest series not only in the Russian, but in the whole world.. This site exists throughout five years and there are a lot of information about AC (mods, patches, maps, sounds, missions, records, photos and etc)
American Conquest Sites | Transitions: 1214 | Added by: Rasim | Date: 11/January/2011

We hold tournaments in the game American Conquest : Fight back. All are wellcomed to our website!
American Conquest Sites | Transitions: 937 | Added by: Hawkind | Date: 10/January/2011

Cossacks I Tournament Sites | Transitions: 769 | Added by: Scott Kevill | Date: 13/January/2010

[HAWKS] Masters Of The Field Website
American Conquest Sites | Transitions: 670 | Added by: [E-BEL]Angel | Date: 06/January/2010