Functions Part 2

bool CreateZoneNearUnit(GAMEOBJ* DstZone,GAMEOBJ* Zone,GAMEOBJ* UnitType,byte Nat,int R);


Creates the dynamic zone “DstZone”, located most close to zone “Zone” near a unit of type “UnitType” of nation “Nat” in radius R (radius in pixels).




void SetLightSpot(GAMEOBJ* Zone,int R,byte index);


Open a map area in zone “Zone” in radius R (radius in standard units, equal to a review of units.) and assign to this area number “index”.




void ClearLightSpot(byte index);


Close the shined area number “index”.




int GetTopDst(GAMEOBJ* Z1,GAMEOBJ* Z2);






void AttackEnemyInZone(GAMEOBJ* Grp,GAMEOBJ* Zone,byte EnmNation);


Attack by group “Grp” of enemies of nation “EnmNation” in zone “Zone”. (Its necessary to give constantly this comand).




void StartAI(byte Nat,char* Name,int Land,int Money,int ResOnMap,int Difficulty);


Start AI for nation “NAT”. Name – name of AI in quotation marks, from file “TEXT\AI.txt”. Land – type of terrain LAND_AI, MEDITERR_AI, WATER_AI. Money – starting resources: START_NORMAL, START_RICH, START_MILLION. ResOnMap – the quantity of resources on a map: RES_POOR, RES_NORMAL, RES_RICH. Difficulty – complexity(difficulty): from 0 to 3.




void DoNotUseSelInAI(byte Nat);


Not allow to use allocated units AI of nation “NAT”.




void SetAIProperty(byte NAT,int Prop,int Val);


Establish property AI of nation “NAT” in value “VAL” (0 –switch off, 1 – switch on, all inclusive by default).


Properties of AI:


DEVELOPMENT – development




LAND_BATTLE – land forces


MINES_CAPTURE – capture of mines


TOWN_DEFENCE – protection of own base


MINES_UPGRADE – improvement of own mines


FAST_DIVERSION - cavalry attacks




int AskComplexQuestion(int Nx,char* Name1,byte or1,char* Name2,byte or2,char* Quest);






void SetTutorial(bool State);






bool GetQuestPressed();






void DisableUpgrade(byte Nat,GAMEOBJ* Upg);


Forbid upgrade “Upg” for nation “NAT”.




void EnableUnit(byte Nat,GAMEOBJ* Type,bool State);


Establish possibility of manufacture of unit of type “TYPE” for nation “NAT”. State 1 – allow, 0 – forbid.




int GetMyNation();


Returns number of nation, which player controls (basically for historical battles).



void SelErase(byte NI);

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