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Major changes

1. Player can now select the size of the map in the lobby. Caution! They are still in beta, so bigger maps may require additional RAM and processing powers (to be more precise, 3 or more GB), so players with lower-end PC may experience performance issues and increased loading times. We thank Andrey Krysuk for his help with this feature.
2. Added 8th player to multiplayer and random battles. We thank Andrey Krysuk for his help with this feature.
3. Reduced an area around buildings that restricted other construction from being placed nearby. Now cities are more compact, with more space to place buildings.


1. Fixed a bug, that removed unit upgrades from the game.
2. Fixed a bug, that allowed players to build multiple diplomatic centers in one game.
3. Fixed an issue when an end game statistic screen displayed an incorrect amount of sold resources.
4. Fixed an error with the selection frame, when the speed of scrolling with keyboard and mouse were different.

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