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Cossacks 3: Larger Maps, 8th player slot and many more fixes

Major changes

1. Player can now select the size of the map in the lobby. Caution! They are still in beta, so bigger maps may require additional RAM and processing powers (to be more precise, 3 or more GB), so players with lower-end PC may experience performance issues and increased loading times. We thank Andrey Krysuk for his help with this feature.
2. Added 8th player to multiplayer and random battles. We thank Andrey Krysuk for his help with this feature.
3. Reduced an area around buildings that restricted other construction from being placed nearby. Now cities are more compact, with more space to place buildings.


1. Fixed a bug, that removed unit upgrades from the game.
2. Fixed a bug, that allowed players to build multiple diplomatic centers in one game.
3. Fixed an issue when an end game statistic screen displayed an incorrect amount of sold resources.
4. Fixed an error with the selection frame, when the speed of scrolling with keyboard and mouse were different.

5. Fixed a bug, when a replay with a long title was not loadable.
6. Fixed a bug, that prevented Turkish warehouse hotkey from working correctly.
7. Increased the construction time of a Turkish yacht to the same as a European yacht.
8. Reduced the delay between unit disembarking from ferries (from 0.425 to 0.375)
9. Fixed a bug that prevented archers and grenadiers from attacking naval targets.
10. Fixed numerous bugs, that caused crashes during replay loadings.
11. Reduced the defense of galley from 100 to 80.
12. Put a restriction to speeding up the game with console commands up to 10x times.
13. Added backwards compatibility between old saves with 7 players/standard maps and new builds of the game.
14. Fixed a bug that caused crashes when players were viewing Fog of War
15. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when player exited the game.
16. Fixed a bug, that caused “Move & Attack” order to reset.
17. Fixed an issue that made some units ignore player’s orders.

1. Optimized the map generation process, now it’s quicker.
2. Optimized general AI behavior.
3. Tweaked AI naval behavior.
4. Fixed instances when the game displayed catastrophic perfomance with a lot of units on the screen.
5. Made some tweaks to optimize the game for computers with 1-2 Gbs of RAM.

1. Fixed achievements: “Grand Sultan”, “One for all, and all for one!”, “Old Fritz”, “Iron curtain“, “A bayonet is stupid, a bullet is smart”, “The Thunderer”. We thank Alexander “Setakat” Bunn for helping us figure out this one!
2. Added requirement of playing with starting resources lower than “Millions” to the following achievements: “The Architect”, “To the bowels of Earth”, “City Builder”, “Fortification engineer”, “Black Friday”, “The passage of time”, “Capable war minister”.

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