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Cossacks - Back To War on Steam
Great news for strategy fans - the highly-acclaimed and best-selling Cossacks: Back to War is now available for digital download on Steam service.

As opposed to the old release, the game is now optimized to run on both Vista and Windows 7 OS. Very catchy and any-system-friendly (even netbooks can run it!), the game is only $3.99 for the full version.

Cossacks: Back to War is available in English, German, French and Russian.
Source: GSC Game World.
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17 willkomp  
I got the steam version of Cossacks 1 and 2 and American Conquest but neither of them are working. I have installed this patch for Cossacks 2 and still same error. Any help please.

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18 Cichor  
To receive professional help ask steams admins at steams subforum about Cossacks an American Conquest.

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16 Cichor  

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15 Freestyle_Zuma  
True. I can play with my steam version now. Which is nice cuz it doesn't need any patch/fix/whatsoever. Only downside is scorewatcher doesn't work with it.

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14 Cichor  
Manowar wrote something yesterday about 6th update. Fixed sync errors.


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13 [hwk]poppen  
thats becuase the cossacks u buy form stores has mod 1. steam virsion dont

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12 CoMuNisTa BRASIL  
I've bought the steam version myself and I'll always get out of sync when playing online. This must be due to the fact that 99% of people in game have pirated version. When I play with a friend whose version is also bought on steam, there are no errors. It's a shame.

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11 Cichor  
Steam version of BtW not included mod1.

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10 EbelAngel  
Just a few notes on this version:

- It would seem to be version 1.36
- It requires service pack 2 or 3 on Vista

- Support is provided by ManOwar, programmer of the game and tools for GSC on the steam forums.

As I have not bought this version myself, I have no idea how it works out.

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9 Ienzo  
Just when I thought they don't sell it anymore! smile

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8 Daddio  
No Pete, My screen will freeze, but the game continues on. If I alt tab out sometimes I can get back in, but not always.

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