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Cossacks I 17th Century Mod
Thanks to Cichor there is now a 17th century mod for Cossacks I.
You can find more information about this mod in the download/upload section aswell as a link to the mod.
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6 [BiH]AmAr  
Got it working now m8.Nice mode,thanks for it.

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5 Cichor  
True. My english is not good but installation is same for Art of War and Back to War.

Below my screenshot from main menu:

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4 [BiH]AmAr  
Your instructions on english aren't very good.I tried few times.And the instructions on poland(google translator) say it is no sure this mode for 135....

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2 [BiH]AmAr  
I don't think this mod works for Back to war (1.35)...
I've tried installing it few times it didn't work.Has anyone installed it succesfully on 1.35 ? I wait for anyone's reply .


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3 Cichor  
I played on Back to War 1.35 ;]

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1 Cichor  
C-I-C-H-O-R between C and O is H :P

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7 EbelAngel  
Fixed. My sincere apologies. tongue


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