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Added a link in the Cossacks I menu to the online Unit Explorer.
It however does not work properly for FireFox users.
It allows you to see all kinds of statistics about units, upgrades,....
It also allows you to simulate a fight between the various units and see a predicted outcome of the battle.
Credits: Savyplayer
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Thanks to Agrid, the Iron Man Mod for Cossacks 2, Battle for Europe is available now in Russian.
I placed a link to it on the download page or you can get it directly here.
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Thanks to Stalker1979, you can finally enjoy all the campaigns for European Wars and The Art Of War on Back To War in English.
I placed a link to it on the download page or you can get it directly here.
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Added a new section with Cossacks 2 Map Editor Information.
I'll write some more when I got time.
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Updated the ALL GSC ToOol Pack to version 1.01 because there was an issue with GpArch not working properly in the tool pack due to bad naming of the Folder. Thanks to [HWK]Poppen for reporting.
I noticed the previous pack (version 1.00) had over 100 downloads, so those that have it and encountered problems with GpArch, should download it again.
Meanwhile added a few new tools:
  • C II Rad Tools Bik video viewer & editor for C II video's.
  • C II [HWK]Garniers Map Installer Tool
  • C I AI Pack with the source code for the original ai.dll file's

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After having restored the Cossacks I menu, I'v been adding a new section with information on Cossacks II Modding. It's still under construction, there's much more to come, but I'll upload when I got time.
Meanwhile Daddio and Agrid have been busy uploading Cossacks II Skirmish Maps. I would like to thank them for all their work. It's much appreciated.
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Still reorganizing the site and updating. It's much more work than first expected.
Updated some old links on various pages.
Added new links to:
Added new sections for:
Added a few new page's
  •  C I History with some picture's from the alpha version of Cossacks I
  •  C I Versions with a list of the various versions
  •  C I Modding pages ( rsr, dat, lst file information, usage of tools,...)
More to come when I got time.


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After I somewhat messed up the site menu yesterday, I have to rebuild the menu's. Meanwhile I'm reorganizing things a bit.
So just be patient, all the old stuff will be back soon.
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Archive of Old Site News:
September 15,
Uploaded new Real War mod version 2 by Atabey for CI: BTW on the download page.
Updated links to the [Hawks]Forums as they have moved their forum.
September 04,
Updated [OC] MOD setup and [OC] Mod Patch with the correct files on the download page. The previous file's were the wrong one's.
Found a solution (workaround) to the color problem for Cossacks I & American Conquest on Windows 7 RC and can be found here
August 22,
Added information on how to create new icons for buildings, upgrades, editor for C II  here with a youtube video : http://cossacksworld.ucoz.co.uk/index/0-166 & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgDK4zfYCoM
August 15,
I gave Daddio the powers to create his own content on the site. He as already uploaded some nice new maps for Cossacks II and some modified original skirmish maps. They can be found here : http://cossacksworld.ucoz.co.uk/index/0-170
I would like to thank Daddio for helping.
Also uploaded a stone and wood.dip.xml for Cossacks II map editing purposes, can be found under the download section.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
August 01,
Uploaded english translation of Allied Offensive Mod. Can be found under download section 
July 18,
Small change on the site. Wasn't entirely happy with the file catalogue as there was no overview. Changed it to Upload & Download. If you have something to share, a nice map you made,... if you login you can upload your own files. The download section give's an overview of the currently available downloads organised by version. More to come soon.
July 16,
Currently testing Windows 7 RC. All the GSC game's seem compatible with this new OS, which is great news really. It means the game's can last for another few years at least.
July 14,
Added a tutorial on how to convert CI graphics to CII @ http://cossacksworld.ucoz.co.uk/index/0-166
July 13,
Calling a last time for help. I got loads of stuff to be published, maps to be tested before uploading, modding work to be done, idea's to be tested,... Just can't do it all on my own.
Uploaded a new custom made tool that allows you to convert extracted CI/AC bmp file's to usable .tga Files for CII for modding purposes to the file catalogue
July 8,
uploaded OC Mod strategy guide to file catalogue
June 29,
Uploaded an .xml file to allow you to access the hidden & locked editor interface in Cossacks II : Battle For Europe-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
June 25,
been exploring CII for a couple of days now. I'm finding out the coolest stuff.
The sheer amount of possibilities are infinite apparently, but it will also take me ages to find everything out.
I would love some help from someone that like's this game and is willing to help me out and discuss these options. Can't do it all on my own, just too much and there is no information whatsoever on the net concerning this.
Meanwhile, added a start-off  for  a CII Map Information Tutorial on the forum.
June 23,
Added clan logo packet with over 800 clan logo's to the file catalogue section.
June 21,
Updated links to other clan sites.
Updated certain site links that were not working.
June 3,
Deleted all m ... Read more »
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