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Since over a week now, the GameSpy server for Cossacks I seems to be down.
In the meantime if you are on 1.35 ( Back to war), you can play over the GSC Server for which you need a key. If you do not have a key for this server you can obtain one @ http://www.americanconquest.de/key/english.php (It's for AC, but it works for Cossacks)
For those that are on 1.15 & 1.30 ( European War & The Art Of War) you can use GameRanger to set up games and play. Evidently those with 1.35 can use GameRanger aswell.
Hopefully this downtime is temporary and not permanent. For more information or if you have problems or questions ,leave a message in the forum.
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For those that are having problems hosting games on GameSpy or when the Servers are just down for Cossacks I & II, there is an nice and easy to use alternative: GameRanger. You can read more about it in the Forum.
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Added a new file to resolve the color problem caused by Aero on Windows 7 for Cossacks I & American Conquest.
Instruction on how to use are included with the file. You can find it in our download/upload section.
If you continue to have problems with this, leave a message in the forum.
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Reorganized the Site Links Menu and cleaned out the dead links.
Everyone that is registered and has a good link about Cossacks I / AC / Cossacks II can submit his/her own link now. Any submissions that lead to unadvertised / irrelevant links will be removed and the user's powers revoked indefinetely.
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Thanks to [HWK]Garnier, there's now a tool which allows you to create easily map previews for your own custom made maps on CI / AC / CII.
It can be found in the download section.
For more information about this, visit the Masters Of The Field Website.
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Thanks to Cichor there is now a 17th century mod for Cossacks I.
You can find more information about this mod in the download/upload section aswell as a link to the mod.
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Whilst I'm still busy with the interface I have updated some pages and added a few new one's:
 - C I Game Info Tool :
Thanks to [Bob]Sponge & CossacksPortal you can now check on your friends games progress in Cossacks I without having to log in. You can find the link to get the tool in the download Section.
- C II Basic Editor Information:
- C II Modding Information:
- Fixed various links on the site.
- Thanks to Daddio, for those that have American Conquest Divided Nation, you can download the 2 missing pages from the game manual aswell now from the download section.
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Added a link in the Cossacks I menu to the online Unit Explorer.
It however does not work properly for FireFox users.
It allows you to see all kinds of statistics about units, upgrades,....
It also allows you to simulate a fight between the various units and see a predicted outcome of the battle.
Credits: Savyplayer
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Thanks to Agrid, the Iron Man Mod for Cossacks 2, Battle for Europe is available now in Russian.
I placed a link to it on the download page or you can get it directly here.
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Thanks to Stalker1979, you can finally enjoy all the campaigns for European Wars and The Art Of War on Back To War in English.
I placed a link to it on the download page or you can get it directly here.
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