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- Missing Files:
Some of the file's in the Upload ~ download section seem to be gone from the filefront server for an unknown reason. So if you run in to an "filefront" error page, please be patient, we will try to restore the files as soon as possible. It's mainly the bigger downloads that are hosted on filefront. The smaller files are hosted on the site here and are still there.
I truly apologize for any inconvenience, please sent all your hatemail to filefront ;-)
- New Pages:
After seeing the results of the last poll, I created a couple of new CII Modding pages & CII Editor Pages:
I will add more information on some of the unfinished Battle Editor Pages on how to actually set up a script for a scenario/Battle later this week or next week. I will also try to finish the new F.A.Q Section , ScreenShot section & Mods Section when I find some time for it.
As always, if you want to see specific information on a particular subject, leave a message in the forum and I'll try to do my best.
- New Moderator:
I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce a new moderator for the Cossacks II forums: [HWK]Poppen. He is motivated & dedicated to wargames and knows a thing or two about modding aswell. He is also creating an American Revolution Mod at the moment, so I'm sure he will be a valuable asset to the team.
Kind Regards
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This very week, Cossacks World is one year old.

What has started as a place to archive my cossacks files and information, so I could easier share them with other people, has gotten a bit out of hand.

More then 90 000 hits on the site in the past year and over 500 registered members is more then what I thought off when I started this project. For those interested in more boring details, you can always check on the site statistics.

To ensure continuation and strenghten the team, I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce a new moderator for the Cossacks I forum: Cichor.
He has been here from nearly the start of the site and has proven himself usefull.
I also want to thank our other moderator Daddio for everything he has done so far for the site. It's appreciated

I will also be looking for one more additional moderator for the Cossacks II forum. If someone is interested or you feel like you can contribute in any other way to the site, please contact me trough private message.

So, what can you expect this year from me?

I will keep up uploading content to the site that is still archived on my computer and update content on the various site pages.

Meanwhile I will continue working on my modification for Cossacks II so if anyone has good suggestions, don't hesitate to speak up.

With cdv (publisher) beeing in troubled waters at the moment, it is unsure at this point in time what will happen to the company in Germany, but it has no consequence for the USA division of the company. They will have their own forums soon and should be able to survive on their own.

For the rest I will try to keep contact with GSC for help and support and ofcourse about what they have in store for us in the next years.

Because of the particular nature of how the ucoz site system works ( more registered members = more free webspace = more space to upload and share files) I will continue to ask people to log in before they can download. Once I have enough free space then I will no longer ask for loggin in to be able to download files. Forum will ofcourse still require a login to avoid too much spam on the site.

If you have specific suggestions towards the site or anything else that you think that might be usefull, just leave a message in the forum.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed in the past year, please keep on doing so the games may live for a couple more years.

Kind Regards


Views: 2398 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 16/April/2010 | Comments (8)

All official cdv sites are currently offline due to technical difficulties. As such no keys can be generated nor can the forums ( English / German) be visited.
They are aware off the situation and working on it. Hopefully they will resume operation soon.
cdv moderator
Update 29/03/2010 : the cdv forums are back online.
Views: 2556 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 25/March/2010 | Comments (1)

Since over a week now, the GameSpy server for Cossacks I seems to be down.
In the meantime if you are on 1.35 ( Back to war), you can play over the GSC Server for which you need a key. If you do not have a key for this server you can obtain one @ http://www.americanconquest.de/key/english.php (It's for AC, but it works for Cossacks)
For those that are on 1.15 & 1.30 ( European War & The Art Of War) you can use GameRanger to set up games and play. Evidently those with 1.35 can use GameRanger aswell.
Hopefully this downtime is temporary and not permanent. For more information or if you have problems or questions ,leave a message in the forum.
Views: 2290 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 14/March/2010 | Comments (0)

For those that are having problems hosting games on GameSpy or when the Servers are just down for Cossacks I & II, there is an nice and easy to use alternative: GameRanger. You can read more about it in the Forum.
Views: 3070 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 13/January/2010 | Comments (1)

Added a new file to resolve the color problem caused by Aero on Windows 7 for Cossacks I & American Conquest.
Instruction on how to use are included with the file. You can find it in our download/upload section.
If you continue to have problems with this, leave a message in the forum.
Views: 6107 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 09/January/2010 | Comments (2)

Reorganized the Site Links Menu and cleaned out the dead links.
Everyone that is registered and has a good link about Cossacks I / AC / Cossacks II can submit his/her own link now. Any submissions that lead to unadvertised / irrelevant links will be removed and the user's powers revoked indefinetely.
Views: 1713 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 06/January/2010 | Comments (0)

Thanks to [HWK]Garnier, there's now a tool which allows you to create easily map previews for your own custom made maps on CI / AC / CII.
It can be found in the download section.
For more information about this, visit the Masters Of The Field Website.
Views: 1832 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 05/January/2010 | Comments (0)

Thanks to Cichor there is now a 17th century mod for Cossacks I.
You can find more information about this mod in the download/upload section aswell as a link to the mod.
Views: 3268 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 31/December/2009 | Comments (7)

Whilst I'm still busy with the interface I have updated some pages and added a few new one's:
 - C I Game Info Tool :
Thanks to [Bob]Sponge & CossacksPortal you can now check on your friends games progress in Cossacks I without having to log in. You can find the link to get the tool in the download Section.
- C II Basic Editor Information:
- C II Modding Information:
- Fixed various links on the site.
- Thanks to Daddio, for those that have American Conquest Divided Nation, you can download the 2 missing pages from the game manual aswell now from the download section.
Views: 1488 | Added by: EbelAngel | Date: 26/December/2009 | Comments (2)

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